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Michael J Oakes privacy policy
Michael J Oakes will not retain any email addresses for mailing purposes nor will he share any email addresses or other information with a third party for any purpose.

This website uses session cookies to collect anonymous data for web analytics and social sharing services. Michael J Oakes is not able to collect any personal data about you, nor is he able to store them and he does not have direct access to any data which may be collected. For detailed information, please refer to the individual company's own privacy policies regarding use of data and how you can opt-out from their services. For example;

Google Analytics (

Alternatively, you can change options in your browser to not accept cookies on any sites or prompt you before accepting any. If you do this, however, this may cause a loss of functionality in many websites. Please refer to your own browser company for information on how to do this.

For social sharing sites you may be part of (e.g Facebook, Twitter etc), please refer to the individual site's privacy policies. I cannot be held responsible for how these third parties that you have accounts with use your data.